Friday, March 14, 2014

Homemade Bone Broth

During chemo and radiation I started making a bone broth to use as stock.  The reported benefits of high quality bone broth are numerous including:
  • inhibits infection/improves immunity
  • help seal leaky gut/supports digestion
  • reduces joint pain and inflamation
  • fights inflammation
  • promotes strong, healthy bones
  • promotes healthy hair and nail growth
High quality bone broth is the key.  I have found some pasture raised, organic, grass fed frozen beef bones at Real Foods in Salt Lake.  

Making the broth is easy.  I place the bones in a crock pot and pour filtered cold water over them.    Add a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (to help draw out nutrients from bone).  Cook on low for ~24 hours.  

I then add some carrots and celery to enhance flavor and cook on low for another 6-12 hours or so.  

The bone broth cooking

At this point, I strain out the bones, celery, and carrots and refrigerate the remaining broth until it is cooled and the fat has separated from the broth.  I then dispose of the fat and divvy up the remaining broth into small glass jars to be frozen.

Mini glass jars with homemade bone broth to be frozen and used later

I add a jar to my stock for a few meals a week, for example when cooking quinoa, rice, or a crock pot meal.  Flavor is good and the health benefits are exceptional!  

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