Friday, March 14, 2014

This weeks homemade energy bar

To keep me fueled for my workouts, I try to make a batch of home made energy bars each week.  There is a time and place for store bought energy bars, however in my opinion, from a nutritional and certainly monetary standpoint, homemade always trumps store bought!  I typically make my super yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (stay tuned for recipe) or my Oatmeal bars (also stay tuned for recipe), but this week I whipped together something new.

-2 cups figs (can substitute dates)
-2 cups almonds (can substitute other nuts)
-4 tablespoons coconut butter
-1 scoop of my (current) favorite Protein Powder:  Raw Protein Chocolate Cacao (organic, vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO, dairy free) optional

Organic Raw Protein powder is my current protein powder of choice

Mix in food processor until a grainy consistency.  Flatten into a glass baking dish lined with wax paper.  Put in fridge.


These bars definitely pass the taste test, but they do crumble in my pocket on rides 
which makes them kind of messy to eat.  Need to work on that!  
Maybe some almond butter to help them stick together?

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